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Our team is growing. We're looking for the best and brightest talent with a deep passion for helping people to join us in continuing our mission of connecting people with resources and a second chance after a period of incarceration. If that's you, we'd love to hear from you. We currently have the following team positions open.

Community Outreach Coordinator VISTA Year 1

The VISTA will be part of a team working to increase access to meaningful opportunities, expand existing relationships within the community and raise awareness of the benefits of working with individuals following a period of incarceration in addition to reunifying the family units affected. Major duties include increasing community engagement through relationship establishment, actively listening to participants for unmet need identification to assist in refinement of the process to resolve issues, contributing to a monthly newsletter, and planning organizational events.

The VISTA member will work to alleviate poverty by recruiting and training the lead volunteer to work with the team of volunteers that will serve to help our members through providing mentoring and training in addition to increasing visibility in the community leading to more volunteers and community partnership opportunities that will help our members gain access to employment, housing and other resources so that members are able to sustain themselves and their families bringing them out of poverty and reducing the odds of recidivism. Successful applicants will have passion for the VISTA experience, effective written and verbal communication skills, experience working in nonprofits or public agencies, excellent organizational and creative problem solving capabilities, emotional intelligence, and project and time management skills. This position requires collaboration, flexibility, and adaptability. ***To be eligible for this position, candidates must commit to serve full-time for one year with Re-Entry Solutions.*** Re-Entry Solutions’ mission is to work with existing community resources while developing new opportunities to break the cycle of return to incarceration. The VISTA will work closely with the Workforce Development Coordinator to increase available funding needed to continue the work of helping ex-offenders access employment, services, and educational opportunities in the seven parishes included in our service area. The VISTA member will serve as part of a cohort of VISTA members working to provide second chances in Central Louisiana.

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